There are over 1500 “real estate agents in Temecula”. Now that the bubble has officially busted, finding a “real estate agent in Temecula” is difficult because the industry is saturated with real estate agents. A few years ago, the real estate market in Temecula was operating in its prime. Plenty of people from cities like San Diego and Los Angeles were flocking to the inland empire. The major selling points for ” real estate agents in Temecula”, was the price. The common problem a real estate agent in Temecula faced was not having enough inventory. Things have greatly changed in Temecula. Now if you ask a real estate agent in Temecula the greatest challenge they face the answer is unanimously too much inventory. One real estate agent in Temecula told me that she found that with such a large inventory many buyers are getting overwhelmed when it is time to make a decision about which property they should purchase.

Things look even more grim for sellers, with so much real estate in Temecula for sale, or being foreclosed on its taking much longer to sell a home.

That is why finding a knowledgeable real estate agent in Temecula is important. The real estate agent you choose should know Temecula very well. With the listings of real estate in Temecula being so dense, the real estate agent needs to identify the listings that are more suited for your needs. With the amount of new homes being built, your real estate agent should determine what suites your needs the most a pre existing home, or a new home.


Because of the mass building that occurred a few years ago, and the creative financing many homeowners have found themselves in a hard situation, owning a home with a mortgage that is more than the homes value. Because of the slowing of the housing boom, many new home builders are selling their homes for much less than they sold them a few years ago, and with many more incentives. A good real estate agent in Temecula, knows about this new pattern in the market place and would definitely make sure that they provided all the information that would serve you the best.

Because of the new housing market in Temecula, you want to be sure that you find a real estate agent that is committed in helping you. And not committed to selling a home that’s mortgage exceeds its worth.