No cost real estate legal services, including assistance with foreclosure and evictions, are available to eligible individuals. Legal services for poor, low income, and moderate income earners are provided in various communities by government and privately funded agencies. Privately owned residences and federally funded housing may be eligible for free mediation legal services. This article presents tips and ideas for finding these legal resources.

Low Income or Pro Bono Real Estate Legal Services

No cost real estate legal services (for example Metro Volunteer Lawyers in Denver, Colorado) provided by pro bono attorneys are grouped in specific legal subjects. Generally, services include help with housing and foreclosures cases. Individuals with low to moderate income levels can find free assistance with the following legal cases:

  • Foreclosure avoidance
  • Loans modification assistance
  • Renters’ evictions
  • Disputes between tenants and landlords
  • Federal subsidies for housing

It’s important for persons seeking no cost real estate legal advice to find out the time line provided by the free attorneys. Most real estate cases are time-sensitive and due dates for filing court papers and for responding to orders must be strictly followed.

Who is Eligible for Free Real Estate and Foreclosure Lawyers?

The majority of free legal services are extended to persons with low income and to members of specific groups, such as veterans or farmers. There are various types of legal aid organizations providing no cost services. Some of these offer help to the general public and other to specific members of a community who qualify. The following are included in most pro bono real estate and foreclosure programs:

  • Poor and moderate income individuals
  • Homeowners with foreclosure issues
  • Renters with eviction notices
  • Poor farmers
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Families with disabled children
  • United States veterans
  • Older Americans
  • Low to moderate income families with children
  • Persons victims of domestic violence

Finding Low Income or No Cost Real Estate Attorneys

Some of the pro bono legal services for assistance with civil law cases also provide real estate legal services. The services are performed by pro bono and volunteer attorneys working on behalf of specific organizations or agencies. These groups are advocates for the poor, the elderly, disabled and other individuals.

  • The Legal Service Corporation or LSC – it’s a non profit organization that provides grant money to independent legal services agencies. These agencies and their attorneys offer free legal services and advice to people who qualify. The LSC maintains a list of regional legal aid offices to find free lawyers at
  • States Bar Associations – these associations offer referral legal services to find pro bono attorneys in a state. A list of volunteer lawyers can be found by state at
  • – this is a referral program that assists low income persons find no cost legal help in local areas.
  • Pro Bono Commissions – some states have pro bono commissions and special interest group pro bono commissions offering free legal services.