Some call it Sin City, others call it the Entertainment Capital of the World, but many people don’t really notice that Las Vegas actually has a booming and exciting real estate market. The city that never sleeps sure isn’t dull and it never has been. Even with it being a small railroad town in its early years, Las Vegas has been a popular real estate market for corporate entrepreneurs and for individual investors alike.

Like many other resort destinations, Las Vegas has recently seen a lot of development in the area of high-rise condominiums. What better place than Las Vegas? If you’ve ever flown into Vegas, you’ll have been able to see the beauty of the unique hotel and casinos that only Vegas has. Imagine this being your view from your high-rise condo. Many more people now aren’t having to imagine this, but are indeed enjoying these fantastic, one-of-a-kind views. In fact, in May 2007, almost 50 high-rise condos closed escrow in the Las Vegas real estate market. The exquisite detail and quality that defines these condos are what is drawing in investors and home buyers, coupled with the huge amount of growth that Las Vegas has always seen from its meager beginnings. One only needs to do a quick search on Google to see the feature and extra-rich condominiums that are currently available in the Las Vegas real estate market.


The condo developments are offering amazing incentives to get people moved into these high-rise condos. Some of those incentives are for the developments to pay the closing costs associated with purchasing one of the high-rise condos, or by adding free upgrades to many of the fantastic amenities already available in these luxurious condominiums. The Trump Organization, after quickly selling out their first tower of high-rise condominiums on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, began to immediately build the second tower and that second tower will probably be sold out pretty quick also.


While Las Vegas may not strike you as a place to buy real estate, it is in fact a fantastic place to buy a condominium. Many people are under the assumption that prostitution is legal in all of Nevada, but in reality, in counties that have over 100,000 people (such as Clark County, where Las Vegas is) prostitution is illegal inside those county lines.


Luxury condos are popping up all over, but in many places the market is slowing down. Not in Las Vegas. The real estate market is extremely healthy and flourishing, and right now is a great time to get into a beautiful luxury high-rise condo in Las Vegas. They say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but when you realize what exactly is happening in the Las Vegas estate market, you’ll definitely want to stay in Vegas.