What NOT to Do While Trying to Sell Your Home

I work in real estate, and am in the middle of purchasing a home. Me and my other half have seen our fair share of nice homes, and not so nice homes. However last night we went into one of the oddest homes we had been in yet. Not only were the homeowners present at the home, but they were also so odd that their personality almost caused us to walk away from the home all together.

However seeing how this home had a gorgeous deck that overlooked the bay and a neat odd set up we both liked, we could not deny it. We had found the perfect home…yet this weird hippie homeowner is breathing down my neck…not only that,,,he’s acting sort of desperate to make a sale. That right there was his first mistake. I saw his desperation, and knew I could take him on a negotiating roller coaster. Why was he so desperate though was my main concern, was the house haunted? Is there a dead body buried in the basement? Is he a little loony?


Well I didn’t feel or hear any ghosts, nor did I see anything wrong with the house. Yet here this hippie was acting as if he was ready to run out of it at any given moment.


The smell of the house sort of gave it away though, the hippie and his wife had been smoking pot before we got there, and the dude was paranoid as hell, the scent was present in the air. Although this did not bother me, this was their second mistake. If you have a potential buyer coming to your home, try and curb the pot smoking till after they leave.


Outside of the home the man was very adamant about showing us his vegetable garden. Okay, no problem… although his veggie garden was not what I had come to see, I was willing to let the weirdo tell us all about the great soil and what not. However my other half accidentally stepped on a rotten tomato, and he sort of had an issue about it. This was his third problem. If you welcome someone into your garden and they step on your fruits of labor, try and curb the attitude.

You see this man could easily scare away a buyer, and why he felt the need to take us on the grand tour was beyond me. That’s what the agent is for.


His main mistake though was his mouth. Plain and simply put…he just talked too much. Me and my boyfriend were just interested in taking a peek in and out of rooms and deciding if we liked it…but in each and every room we viewed he had a story. I didn’t need to know that this room was once a closet blown out into a room, or that this room was once painted green, and now it is pink. Oh…emm…geee….okay buddy, calm down.


When we wanted to take a look at the downstairs, he wanted to show us the upstairs. When we wanted to see the back yard, he wanted to show us the bathroom. It was honestly getting sort of freaky.


Another home we viewed the sellers made a few mistakes that could have easily scared away buyers. One home we viewed last week turned out to be a total disaster…not just the house, but the seller actually managed to scare us out of the home before we even got to view it from top to bottom.


Now keep in mind, buyers are coming in to view your home, and therefore it should be somewhat tidy…however if you have boxes and crap everywhere it’s really not that big of a deal. Buyers are able to look beyond boxes and furniture piled up…but when you have cigarette butts, and moldy food plates on every free spot in the floor…I’m going to have to say that they most likely are not going to buy.


This is what we got to view in one home. So there is another tip…clean up a bit. A untidy home is okay, but a pig pen is unacceptable. Are you even serious about moving?


The first mistake this person made though was by not answering the door. We knocked, and knocked, and made some phone calls, and finally the seller greeted us.


He however did the correct thing when people come to view a home; he went outside, and let us do our thing. Although the place was a pig pen, he did what every seller should do unless they are asked questions.


My tips are simple, easy to follow, yet in the homes we have viewed we have come across quite a bit of odd characters that can’t seem to just settle down and let you view their home.


  1. greet the buyer, but do not crowd them. Let them look around your home in peace.
  2. If they have questions, then you should answer them without looking confused, or getting offended
  3. Your house does not have to be in mint condition when viewing, but please pick up any food plates, cigarette butts, and garbage
  4. Try to keep dogs outside or in the garage. Nothing sucks more than opening a door and almost getting your face bitten off


Most sellers don’t seem to realize how uncomfortable it makes buyers feel when they are surrounding them the entire time. Most buyers just want to come into your home and take a look on their own, and to make decisions on their own. To have the seller breathing down your neck the entire time can be a bit overwhelming and annoying.


Buying a home is already an overwhelming process, walking into a home where the sellers are to overwhelming can really push the buttons on some buyers, which as a result is why they would walk away, and not even consider it.


My best bit of advice I could give would be to leave a key with your agency listing the home. When calls come in for showings, try and get out of the house at that time and let the buyer view it on their own.


If you have to be home while they are viewing the home try and stay outside on the porch, or inside in the living room.