Davidson College opened its doors in 1837 and began leasing to businesses that are now Davidson, NC properties. At that time, there were no Davidson, North Carolina homes for sale as the location was not yet officially a town. It was not until 1879 that the town incorporated as Davidson College and later changed its name to simply Davidson in 1891. Around this college was built a population of Davidson, NC homes. Then social and economic changes began to take place in the area when a cotton mill entered the area providing jobs and attracting more residents.

A Davidson, North Carolina real estate agent of the time would have seen an influx of people looking for the promise of economic stability. People moved into the town from farms to find work as the farming industry saw a steady decline in prices of crops. As people moved into the area, Davidson, NC listings would have included homes near the cotton mill. Workers soon discovered that the small town could not compete with nearby Cornelius and Mooresville in the industry. Davidson, North Carolina real estate reached a peak and stood still for a period of time as the town experienced very little growth after its initial spurt of prosperity.


Today, a Davidson, North Carolina Realtor would experience a different scenario. As Davidson College is still the central attraction of Davidson and its most valuable asset, values of Davidson, NC homes have greatly improved. Many college students who attend school there decide to remain in Davidson due to its relative closeness to many of the major cities of North Carolina such as Charlotte. This has increased the population of Davidson and created a boom in the Davidson, North Carolina real estate market. With this type of growth, the town is experiencing much change.


Deeply rooted in its historical ideals, the town of Davidson has a population of only about 7,000 residents. The small town atmosphere is hugely attractive to some and may be a turn-off to others. Of the approximately 2,400 Davidson, NC homes, many have been passed down to family member from previous generations. Some may find these residents to be of an “old school” mentality and resistant to change. Others, however, may find a bit of charm in the close communities built around the family homesteads. However you see it, one undisputed fact is that the town of Davidson, NC is rich in Southern Heritage.