New Space Hotel Test, Genesis II, Launched into Space

An inflatable space hotel has been launched into space, according to a BBC news report. This is an experimental space craft, and is actually just a testing module. This craft will test out the possibility of a real hotel in outer space, just outside of Earth. The name of the test space hotel test, is called the Genesis II.

The Genesis II was launched by the Bigelow Aerospace company. This is a private company created by a hotel entrepreneur who is an American. Robert Bigelow wants to use this idea to have a fully constructed space station operational by the year 2015. The technology being used is called inflatable technology.

The object is smaller when launched, but expands once it gets into space. This inflatable technology allows for less space to be used inside of the vehicle flown into space. Non inflatable objects take up much more space in a launch vehicle. This technology also costs less to use.

The Genesis II test hotel was sent on a Russian space rocket. The Genesis II separated from the Russian rocket about 14 minutes after the launch. Air pressure and communication with the new space object have so far been successful. Robert has put $500 million dollars into this project. He hopes to take people into space, who will pay a fee to go to the space hotel.

According to Wikipedia, the Genesis II is an experimental space habitat prototype. This test is being done to be used for future modules. These future modules will have the paying customers in them.

The Genesis II may not have people inside of it. But there are items in the test spacecraft from paying customers. Inside of the test object are personal items and pictures, as part of the hotel entrepreneurs space plan. The personal items will be photographed, inside of the Genesis II, while in space.

For each person who wanted to send personal items into space, they had to pay a $295 fee. For the purchase of this slot, a person could put photos and small momentos onto the Genesis II. The items will be photographed and be able to be viewed on the Bigelow Aerospace website.

There is also a money back guarantee reported with this service. If a paying customer can’t see the pictures within 90 days from the start of the mission, the customer can get their money back.

The Genesis II is about 14.4 feet long and 5.25 feel in diameter. After the launch, when the inflatable technology is activated, the Genesis II then expands to 8.3 feet in diameter and has a total volume of 11.5 cubic meters. Some kind of biological experiment is taking place inside of the object, and a game is being tested inside the Genesis II as well. The game is called “space bingo”.

Towards the later half of 2007, Bigelow plans to launch another space craft called Galaxy. This is another craft that will test more future possibilities of a human space hotel.


Should You Offer a Lease Purchase Option to Sell Your Home?

In today’s real estate market, sellers are frantically searching for someone—anyone!—to purchase their homes for a reasonable price, and turning up empty in the end. It is definitely a buyer’s market, which means that sellers are having to rethink their strategoes for selling their homes.

One of the alternatives to keeping the house on the market is a lease-purchase option, which can be a life-saver for many sellers.


A lease-purchase option is an agreement that resides somewhere between a mortgage and a lease. As the seller, you will essentially be the landlord for the buyer, but the money he or she pays in rent will also be put toward the sale purchase of the home. This gives you a monthly income from rent, and also puts you one step closer to selling the house.


It isn’t a good idea to pursue a lease-purchase option if you need the cash from the sale of your home to buy a new one. Although you might be able to receive a modest down-payment before the lease terms begin, it won’t be sufficient to finance a new place to live. Instead, lease-purchase options are perfect for sellers who already have a new home or have sufficient financial resources to buy one without selling the old.


The most dangerous aspect of a lease-purchase option is the fact that most buyers who request this arrangement are unable to secure a traditional mortgage on their own. They might have defaulted on a mortgage in the past or perhaps they have blemished credit; whatever the case, you have to be careful about offering a lease-purchase option.


The major benefit of a lease-purchase option is that sellers usually make more from the sale of their home in this agreement.


Strategies Required for Selling a Business

Selling a business is a much more complicated, tricky, and involving affair than selling a real estate. Some important steps are required but it is often highly recommended to use the services of a business brokers who might be equipped with the proper and specific sets of skills to getting fair value. The function of the broker during the sale is to facilitate buying and act as a go-between for the buyer and the seller.

As a summary of steps that are required, begin by listing the business that is on sale with the brokerage company. The broker should be from a reputable and well known firm to avoid mischief, fraud, or avoidable losses. They should be met and talked to about the sales process well in advance. This not only assists them in selling the business but also helps them to have it sold at the best price possible. It is recommended to list the business with a broker because when one wants to sell it confidentially. This is a wise step since one can use the resources of a professional intermediary to guide them throughout the selling process.


The second step should be determining the selling price. The very first thing potential buyers will require to know about a business is the price so that they can gauge and find out if they will purchase or even compare to other similar businesses that are on sale. The issue of pricing is one that a broker can easily assist with assuming that they have prices of other similar businesses and can make rough estimates on the costs.


For larger or more complicated businesses, get the services of a professional business evaluator who would be more accurate in determining the selling price. The cost is determined by some factors such as what is actually being sold such as assets, shares, and the work that is or was in progress before the decision for the sale was made so that it is transitioned to appropriate price, inventory, and accounts receivable. These minor and major details should be discussed with the chosen broker and the personal accountant. The process of determining the selling price of the business is an important step of the process.


The other critical thing would be the business information profile where buyers should be presented with a brief snapshot of what the business is all about. The description should be put in a way to leave the prospective buyers with the urge to know more. A good broker should come up with a brief and strong description of the business which should work as a selling point for the business as well. It should also give a brief financial statement indicating performance.


The broker should then qualify the potential business buyers who might have shown interest by responding. The buyer would then hold a conversation with the broker where the brokers have got to find important information such as the buyer’s objectives and what they are looking for. The broker’s responsibility at this stage is to qualify the buyers or fine tune the list according to their financial abilities, aptitude for the business, “seriousness” and other factors. The appropriate and potential buyers are then invited for the signing of a non-disclosure agreement, where the buyer is now presented with further information with regards to the premises. This would include information about the operations of the business, number of employees, a brief summary of the financial performance and any other pertinent “general” information about the business. The general description of the business is set under strict non-disclosure rules to help ensure confidentiality of the sale but at the same time help the potential buyer on deciding if they would want to take their interest to the next level.


The buyer is then shown the business. The business must be in line with any photographs that may have been supplied earlier. The experts recommend preparation at this point ought to be honesty. Presentation is one of the major steps on the selling process. The picture portrayed on its financial matters must be very accurate. It is quite clear to any risk-taker that any business will have some speed bumps and it is very important for them to know any that may be existence for the business. A good broker should remember that this is a precious time to showcase the business potentials and therefore they ought to emphasize on the strength and the hard work that has been done to make it a success other than dwell on its weaknesses. One should expect a lot of questions at this point from the buyer and the best procedure should be trying to answer everything. This is a point where potential buyers will make conditional offer to satisfy themselves through the due diligence process.


A good broker should be in a position to accept or make offers. Majority of these business offers are conditional offers concerning many different issues. During this process, one should confirm some of the facts such as assuring the buyer of getting financing, assuming leases successfully or obtaining franchise approval. In line with specialists, “A condition offer is usually made with a refundable deposit’, this is for the reason that when the deal does not go through, then the risk is partially if not fully catered for.


The conditional offer phase allows the potential buyers to conduct their due diligence were they confirm facts, go through the financial statements, or records and review the overall business operations carefully.


When the buyer is fully satisfied that everything is ok, they waive any other conditions and close the transaction by signing documents through respective lawyers and exchanging the agreed amount.