How to Develop Your Writing Style to Target Magazine Markets

Your writing style is your own individual voice, the way in which you communicate thoughts. One writing style might work well for Seventeen, but would crash and burn if presented to Entrepreneur. Your job as a freelance writer is to develop your writing style to target magazine markets effectively. This doesn’t necessarily mean changing your writing voice entirely; it just means that freelance writers must learn how to adapt.

Read Back Issues

The best way to evaluate the writing style of other authors for a magazine market is to read as many back issues as you can get your hands on. Most magazines buy articles from writers who can emulate the tone and voice they are trying to create with the magazine as a whole. Therefore, you can usually get an idea of what they are looking for simply by reading as many articles and stories as possible.

Look for Point of View

Some magazine markets prefer their writers to write only in the first person while others prefer the second or third. Is “I” used more frequently than “you”, or is there a general consensus that the author is speaking to everyone? The first person suggests a writing style that appeals to readers who are looking for personal accounts and opinions, while the second person indicates that the magazine prefers writers to establish a connection with the reader. The third person is more common in magazines about business, finance or academic pursuits.

Consider the Audience

The target audience for a magazine market is by far the most important thing. Who will be reading the magazine? If the publication is geared toward young professional women, the coveted writing style would be one of encouragement and elitism. An audience of teenage boys, however, would indicate a more youthful writing style with references to pop culture and sports. Whatever the case, you should know your audience before attempting to pitch a magazine market.

Keep Your Own Voice

Every writer has his or her own unique writing style that works. Just because your writing style isn’t the same as that of the editor of a magazine market doesn’t mean you can’t sell a story. Your best bet is to find a happy medium between the way in which you write and the way stories in the magazine are written. Look for ways to combine the two so that your article sounds fresh and interesting.

Tone it Down

Many freelance writers make the mistake of trying too hard to develop their writing style, which makes the magazine article sound forced. Instead, write the article as you normally would, then go back and try to inject unique aspects of a particular magazine market into what’s already been written. There is such as thing as going overboard, and you don’t want the magazine editor to think that you don’t have your own writing style.


New Space Hotel Test, Genesis II, Launched into Space

An inflatable space hotel has been launched into space, according to a BBC news report. This is an experimental space craft, and is actually just a testing module. This craft will test out the possibility of a real hotel in outer space, just outside of Earth. The name of the test space hotel test, is called the Genesis II.

The Genesis II was launched by the Bigelow Aerospace company. This is a private company created by a hotel entrepreneur who is an American. Robert Bigelow wants to use this idea to have a fully constructed space station operational by the year 2015. The technology being used is called inflatable technology.

The object is smaller when launched, but expands once it gets into space. This inflatable technology allows for less space to be used inside of the vehicle flown into space. Non inflatable objects take up much more space in a launch vehicle. This technology also costs less to use.

The Genesis II test hotel was sent on a Russian space rocket. The Genesis II separated from the Russian rocket about 14 minutes after the launch. Air pressure and communication with the new space object have so far been successful. Robert has put $500 million dollars into this project. He hopes to take people into space, who will pay a fee to go to the space hotel.

According to Wikipedia, the Genesis II is an experimental space habitat prototype. This test is being done to be used for future modules. These future modules will have the paying customers in them.

The Genesis II may not have people inside of it. But there are items in the test spacecraft from paying customers. Inside of the test object are personal items and pictures, as part of the hotel entrepreneurs space plan. The personal items will be photographed, inside of the Genesis II, while in space.

For each person who wanted to send personal items into space, they had to pay a $295 fee. For the purchase of this slot, a person could put photos and small momentos onto the Genesis II. The items will be photographed and be able to be viewed on the Bigelow Aerospace website.

There is also a money back guarantee reported with this service. If a paying customer can’t see the pictures within 90 days from the start of the mission, the customer can get their money back.

The Genesis II is about 14.4 feet long and 5.25 feel in diameter. After the launch, when the inflatable technology is activated, the Genesis II then expands to 8.3 feet in diameter and has a total volume of 11.5 cubic meters. Some kind of biological experiment is taking place inside of the object, and a game is being tested inside the Genesis II as well. The game is called “space bingo”.

Towards the later half of 2007, Bigelow plans to launch another space craft called Galaxy. This is another craft that will test more future possibilities of a human space hotel.



Who Wants to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

In career makeover workshops, I talk with many jobseekers about the skills necessary for entrepreneurial success. Although the economy is bad, many jobseekers still are anxious to start a business. Many think it is a good time to capitalize on deals for exisiting businesses for sale, suppliers willing to give good discounts, lower rents and scooping up good employees at negotiable rates.

The fundamentals of starting a business like finding professional services such Accounting, Legal and Marketing can be found on every quick-start business checklist out there on the internet. However, too many people seem unaware of or uncomfortable discussing the necessary personal traits and success behaviors. By no means does it guarantee success, but it does help people think positively about traits they need.

his quick entrepreneurial assessment, I developed a few years ago, albeit non-scientific, is one way to take inventory of personal and professional abilities necessary for business success. It is based on the well accepted principle used successfully in job interviews – Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.

Create a spreadsheet with five columns and label them as follows:

Column #1. Must-Have Traits.

List the following 20 traits in the column. Feel free to add others you think are important.






-Self discipline

-Good judgment


-Hard Worker


-Multitask effectively

-Networking ability


-Openness to new ideas

-Political Savvy



-Interpersonal skills

-Risk tolerance


Column #2. Rating:

On a scale of 1-10, rate yourself on each of these traits – with “1” meaning you have concerns about your strengths and “10” meaning you have confidence your skills are strong in this area.

Column #3. Example:

Identify the best example in your past that demonstrates your strength with regard to this trait or skill.

Column #4. Strategy

Define a plan of action to address your shortcomings in any trait where your self score is less than a 6 – especially if you consider it important to your business.

Column #5. Sensitivity

To help focus and prioritize efforts, rank the skills and traits based on their relative significance to your potential business.

Column 3 is quite possibly the most important. It forces entrepreneurs to not just say how good we are, but to actually identify specific examples to demonstrate how we have acted in the past. If we score ourselve with a high rating (6 or higher) BUT cannot identify great examples in your past to support that ranking – rethink your self ratings.

Once you have completed the exercise yourself, ask someone whose opinion you value or potential business partners to complete a similar chart with their observations about you and each other. Compare the results should give you a good idea of skills you have mastered and those which are potential weak areas you might need to address to improve you or your team’s chance of success.

Brainstorm potential solutions and be open to the fact that it might come in many forms. One entrepreneur might choose to join business clusters to share ideas, while another could decide to create a board of advisors. If on a team, you might choose to defer someone’s strength in one area while they defer to yours in another. No one path will fit everyone or every start-up business model.

Facing our fears head on will significantly improve our chances of success as entrepreneurs. The last thing we want as our businesses begin to grow is to find out that doing this personal inventory is long overdue and our skills bank is close to running on empty. Begin taking stock today!


What NOT to Do While Trying to Sell Your Home

I work in real estate, and am in the middle of purchasing a home. Me and my other half have seen our fair share of nice homes, and not so nice homes. However last night we went into one of the oddest homes we had been in yet. Not only were the homeowners present at the home, but they were also so odd that their personality almost caused us to walk away from the home all together.

However seeing how this home had a gorgeous deck that overlooked the bay and a neat odd set up we both liked, we could not deny it. We had found the perfect home…yet this weird hippie homeowner is breathing down my neck…not only that,,,he’s acting sort of desperate to make a sale. That right there was his first mistake. I saw his desperation, and knew I could take him on a negotiating roller coaster. Why was he so desperate though was my main concern, was the house haunted? Is there a dead body buried in the basement? Is he a little loony?


Well I didn’t feel or hear any ghosts, nor did I see anything wrong with the house. Yet here this hippie was acting as if he was ready to run out of it at any given moment.


The smell of the house sort of gave it away though, the hippie and his wife had been smoking pot before we got there, and the dude was paranoid as hell, the scent was present in the air. Although this did not bother me, this was their second mistake. If you have a potential buyer coming to your home, try and curb the pot smoking till after they leave.


Outside of the home the man was very adamant about showing us his vegetable garden. Okay, no problem… although his veggie garden was not what I had come to see, I was willing to let the weirdo tell us all about the great soil and what not. However my other half accidentally stepped on a rotten tomato, and he sort of had an issue about it. This was his third problem. If you welcome someone into your garden and they step on your fruits of labor, try and curb the attitude.

You see this man could easily scare away a buyer, and why he felt the need to take us on the grand tour was beyond me. That’s what the agent is for.


His main mistake though was his mouth. Plain and simply put…he just talked too much. Me and my boyfriend were just interested in taking a peek in and out of rooms and deciding if we liked it…but in each and every room we viewed he had a story. I didn’t need to know that this room was once a closet blown out into a room, or that this room was once painted green, and now it is pink. Oh…emm…geee….okay buddy, calm down.


When we wanted to take a look at the downstairs, he wanted to show us the upstairs. When we wanted to see the back yard, he wanted to show us the bathroom. It was honestly getting sort of freaky.


Another home we viewed the sellers made a few mistakes that could have easily scared away buyers. One home we viewed last week turned out to be a total disaster…not just the house, but the seller actually managed to scare us out of the home before we even got to view it from top to bottom.


Now keep in mind, buyers are coming in to view your home, and therefore it should be somewhat tidy…however if you have boxes and crap everywhere it’s really not that big of a deal. Buyers are able to look beyond boxes and furniture piled up…but when you have cigarette butts, and moldy food plates on every free spot in the floor…I’m going to have to say that they most likely are not going to buy.


This is what we got to view in one home. So there is another tip…clean up a bit. A untidy home is okay, but a pig pen is unacceptable. Are you even serious about moving?


The first mistake this person made though was by not answering the door. We knocked, and knocked, and made some phone calls, and finally the seller greeted us.


He however did the correct thing when people come to view a home; he went outside, and let us do our thing. Although the place was a pig pen, he did what every seller should do unless they are asked questions.


My tips are simple, easy to follow, yet in the homes we have viewed we have come across quite a bit of odd characters that can’t seem to just settle down and let you view their home.


  1. greet the buyer, but do not crowd them. Let them look around your home in peace.
  2. If they have questions, then you should answer them without looking confused, or getting offended
  3. Your house does not have to be in mint condition when viewing, but please pick up any food plates, cigarette butts, and garbage
  4. Try to keep dogs outside or in the garage. Nothing sucks more than opening a door and almost getting your face bitten off


Most sellers don’t seem to realize how uncomfortable it makes buyers feel when they are surrounding them the entire time. Most buyers just want to come into your home and take a look on their own, and to make decisions on their own. To have the seller breathing down your neck the entire time can be a bit overwhelming and annoying.


Buying a home is already an overwhelming process, walking into a home where the sellers are to overwhelming can really push the buttons on some buyers, which as a result is why they would walk away, and not even consider it.


My best bit of advice I could give would be to leave a key with your agency listing the home. When calls come in for showings, try and get out of the house at that time and let the buyer view it on their own.


If you have to be home while they are viewing the home try and stay outside on the porch, or inside in the living room.


Current Real Estate Market Trends

With the real estate market struggling in many areas of the country, real estate agents and brokers are finding that playing the role of “financial planner” is almost as important as sales. Traditional sales approaches simply don’t cut it in many markets today. As the real estate industry becomes more globalized and more and more properties are being listed online, real estate agents are being pushed to new levels of customer service and professionalism.

Technology is a huge factor in the overall tendency of real estate trends. The free flow of intormation on the Internet, combined with increasingly savvy computer usage by buyers and sellers alike, continues to be a driving force behind change affecting the industry. As many as 75% of homebuyers are surfing the Internet in search of their dream location. Gone are the days of “driving ’til you drop” with buyers who just can’t seem to find that perfect property.


The “best practice” real estate marketing methods are evolving as well. Potential buyers, who now have reams of knowledge right at their fingertips, are much less tolerant of anything less than speedy customer service. They want their real estate agent to give them what they want, and now. Otherwise, they will quickly consider other options.


Another recent trend is the increasing emergence of foreign buyers in the American real estate market. According to the National Association of Realtors, about one in five American real estate agents sold a second or vacation home in the year ending April 2007 to a purchaser from another country.


Because of the weak dollar, many foreigners see American real estate as a bargain. While buyers come from all over world, Europeans, Asians and Latin Americans are the most likely to buy a vacation home in the United States.


Some foreign real estate buyers are looking for a vacation home, some are real estate investors, and some are both. Foreign buyers tend to purchase in the Sunbelt states and/or the west while staying away from the economically challenged “Rust Belt” states. They also favor vacation hot spots, where properties tend to hold their value even in challenging times. Foreign buyers are likely to spend more than Americans on houses they buy, and are also more likely to purchase a condominium than the average American.


Despite the positives, some real estate agents worry that foreign buyers face too much pressure due to rising U.S. nationalism and the fight against terrorism. They point out that foreign real estate buyers, rather than living on welfare, are bringing money into the economy without taking American jobs, and that this type of investment should be encouraged.


Although the real estate sector will continue to evolve in the coming years, there doesn’t appear to be any going back. As they have with so many other industries, technology and globalization have changed the real estate market forever.



Choosing a Realtor for a First Time Home Purchase Is Important

As a first time home buyer, the home buying process can seem complicated and confusing. From mortgage questions to dealing with real estate agents and closing costs, there are many things that you need to learn about to be sure that your first home purchase is a pleasant one and results in a good investment. A good realtor can be a huge help in guiding you through the buying process.

The first step in buying a home is to meet with an experienced real estate agent who can answer all of your questions and help you become knowledgeable abut the local housing market. Ask to meet with the realtor and have a list of questions ready to ask. If the realtor does not seem to want to take the time to answer your questions or does not seem knowledgeable, meet with other realtors until you find one willing to spend time with you and that you feel confident has knowledge and experience. Do not rush into working with a realtor or looking at homes until you find one you are comfortable with even if you have to meet with several. While realtors are not mortgage experts, a good realtor should be able to answer basic questions about closing costs, down payments figures and the time frame in closing a sale as well as being able to recommend several mortgage companies that you can contact to make sure that you are financially qualified to buy a home.


Once you have selected your realtor and gotten some names of mortgage companies to talk with, gather all your financial information including your pay stubs, last year’s tax return and all statements about debts that you owe and make an appointment to talk to the mortgage company representative. You will also need to check your credit report and see if there are any inaccuracies that need to be corrected before applying for your mortgage. The mortgage company will look at your income and expenses and tell you how much you will be able to qualify for in getting a loan. With this information, you can then go back to your realtor who can compile a list of properties that are within your budget and that meet the criteria that you most want in a home. Also, having been pre-qualified by the mortgage company will make prospective seller take you more seriously.


Once you have found a home that you wish to purchase, your realtor can lead you through making an offer. Once the offer is accepted and a sales contract signed, an attorney will handle the final closing and the paperwork for the mortgage and the deed. If you do not have an attorney that you have worked with, your realtor or mortgage company can usually recommend someone to handle the closing.


A good realtor can make the sometimes confusing and stressful process of buying a home a much more pleasant experience. Be sure that you choose your realtor carefully.


“Real Estate in Temecula” a Great Investment Even in Today’s Market

Temecula California is a prime location to invest in real estate because investors have an opportunity to purchase real estate at a significant discount. Real Estate agent Janice Kraft credits these discounts to the change in Temecula’s real estate market.

In 2003-2004 Temecula experienced a real estate boom. Temecula was a desirable location for many buyers. Temecula offered large homes with plenty of amenities, for far less than homes in metropolitan areas like San Diego and Los Angeles. As the demand for real estate in Temecula went up, so did the property value. Home owners watched as their equity went through the roof almost over night.


A few things happened during this period of time. Home owners in Temecula began to pull the equity out of their homes. With the price of real estate in Temecula consistently going up, some home owners found themselves refinancing almost every 6 months. The cost of real estate was growing rapidly. As the cost of real estate went up, many buyers found themselves resorting to unconventional loans . The idea was to get in the property, and in a few months or a few years they would have gained enough equity to secure a conventional loan. Both the homeowners who were refinancing, and buyers who opted for unconventional loans anticipated that the real estate market in Temecula would continue booming. Sadly it didn’t. In fact the slow down in real estate caused many homes to lose the equity they once had. Depending on how many times they refinanced, some homeowners found themselves owing more than what their home was worth. Homeowners who purchased real estate with unconventional loans found themselves facing mortgages that grow by the month. In the first 3 months of 2007 Temecula has experienced record numbers of defaults and foreclosures. The price of homes in the area have fallen, and the amount of time a home stays on the market has vastly increased.


Janice Kraft a successful real estate agent in Temecula explains that despite grim forecast in the market, real estate in Temecula is still a very viable investment. As a specialist in short sales, Janice says that purchasing real estate in a market like this is actually a very smart investment. Many real estate agents in Temecula are finding that the market is saturated with inventory. What was once a sellers market has evolved into a buyers market. If you are interested in purchasing an investment property this is the perfect time to act.


The key to finding a good deal on real estate in Temecula is to hire an experienced real estate agent. Familiar with the real estate market in Temecula. Janice Kraft is one of REMAX’S platinum real estate agents. She understands the area’s real estate market and is committed to helping her clients maximize their dollars. With over ten years experience as a real estate agent in Temecula, Janice has proven herself successful in any market. As your real estate agent Janice can offer a host of opportunities.


If you are interested in hiring Janice Kraft to be your real estate agent, or you have questions you’d like her to assist you with, you can reach her at 951-529-2089 or email at or at


Make Money with these Real Estate Wholesaling Tips

One of the best ways to start making money in real estate is through wholesaling. The whole idea behind wholesaling is to make an offer on a property, get it accepted, then instead of buying the property yourself you will sell it ‘as is’ to another real estate investor. The investor will get the financing, buy the property and make all of the repairs.

This is a quick way to make money and you will have the benefit of:


  1. Not having to use your own credit.


  1. Only a small deposit ($10.00 to $100.00) of your own money will be used.


  1. You will not have to repair the property.


  1. You will not have to wait for the property to sell.


  1. It takes little training to get started.


What you are doing is making an offer on properties which are below market value and then reselling them to real estate investors before you even own the property.


There are a lot of real estate investors that are looking for properties that are below market value that they can repair and then sell or ‘flip’ and come out with a profit. They are looking at the after repair market value to determine if it is a good investment.


Investors are constantly on the look out for these types of properties. In essence, you will be doing the legwork in finding appropriate properties at the right price that will attract investors.


How much money can you make from these types of real estate deals? As an example, you find a house for sale for $70,000.00 with estimated cost of repairs of $10,000.00 and a market value of $100,000.00 after repairs. You get a written contract with an addendum that you have the right to assign this contract to someone else. Then you find an investor to assign the contract to. The investor will pay you a fee, anywhere from $1,000.00 to $10,000.00 and he will buy the property, make the repairs, and then flip it for a profit or rent it out. Your job is done by finding and assigning the property to the investor.


This is a quick in and out deal for you as you do not have to wait for mortgage processing or wait for repairs. Once you find an investor you collect your fee and go find another good investment property and do the same thing over and over.


Even if you are making only $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 per deal, you can turn these deals over fast and start building up some cash pretty quickly.


How to find the investors can be one of the easiest things to do. You see ads in the newspaper all of the time for just this type of real estate deal. You can place an ad for investors and you will probably get many calls. You will be saving them a lot of time by finding the properties for them.


Joining a real estate investment club is a great way to find investors for your wholesaling. These meetings are made up of investors, wholesalers, hard money lenders, real estate companies, and mortgage companies.


Do some research on real estate wholesaling if you want to get started in real estate investing but do not have the cash or credit to obtain properties. This is a great way for beginning investors to get their feet wet without having to invest a lot of money or time.


High-Rise Condominiums in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market

Some call it Sin City, others call it the Entertainment Capital of the World, but many people don’t really notice that Las Vegas actually has a booming and exciting real estate market. The city that never sleeps sure isn’t dull and it never has been. Even with it being a small railroad town in its early years, Las Vegas has been a popular real estate market for corporate entrepreneurs and for individual investors alike.

Like many other resort destinations, Las Vegas has recently seen a lot of development in the area of high-rise condominiums. What better place than Las Vegas? If you’ve ever flown into Vegas, you’ll have been able to see the beauty of the unique hotel and casinos that only Vegas has. Imagine this being your view from your high-rise condo. Many more people now aren’t having to imagine this, but are indeed enjoying these fantastic, one-of-a-kind views. In fact, in May 2007, almost 50 high-rise condos closed escrow in the Las Vegas real estate market. The exquisite detail and quality that defines these condos are what is drawing in investors and home buyers, coupled with the huge amount of growth that Las Vegas has always seen from its meager beginnings. One only needs to do a quick search on Google to see the feature and extra-rich condominiums that are currently available in the Las Vegas real estate market.


The condo developments are offering amazing incentives to get people moved into these high-rise condos. Some of those incentives are for the developments to pay the closing costs associated with purchasing one of the high-rise condos, or by adding free upgrades to many of the fantastic amenities already available in these luxurious condominiums. The Trump Organization, after quickly selling out their first tower of high-rise condominiums on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, began to immediately build the second tower and that second tower will probably be sold out pretty quick also.


While Las Vegas may not strike you as a place to buy real estate, it is in fact a fantastic place to buy a condominium. Many people are under the assumption that prostitution is legal in all of Nevada, but in reality, in counties that have over 100,000 people (such as Clark County, where Las Vegas is) prostitution is illegal inside those county lines.


Luxury condos are popping up all over, but in many places the market is slowing down. Not in Las Vegas. The real estate market is extremely healthy and flourishing, and right now is a great time to get into a beautiful luxury high-rise condo in Las Vegas. They say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but when you realize what exactly is happening in the Las Vegas estate market, you’ll definitely want to stay in Vegas.


Real Estate Agents in Temecula

There are over 1500 “real estate agents in Temecula”. Now that the bubble has officially busted, finding a “real estate agent in Temecula” is difficult because the industry is saturated with real estate agents. A few years ago, the real estate market in Temecula was operating in its prime. Plenty of people from cities like San Diego and Los Angeles were flocking to the inland empire. The major selling points for ” real estate agents in Temecula”, was the price. The common problem a real estate agent in Temecula faced was not having enough inventory. Things have greatly changed in Temecula. Now if you ask a real estate agent in Temecula the greatest challenge they face the answer is unanimously too much inventory. One real estate agent in Temecula told me that she found that with such a large inventory many buyers are getting overwhelmed when it is time to make a decision about which property they should purchase.

Things look even more grim for sellers, with so much real estate in Temecula for sale, or being foreclosed on its taking much longer to sell a home.

That is why finding a knowledgeable real estate agent in Temecula is important. The real estate agent you choose should know Temecula very well. With the listings of real estate in Temecula being so dense, the real estate agent needs to identify the listings that are more suited for your needs. With the amount of new homes being built, your real estate agent should determine what suites your needs the most a pre existing home, or a new home.


Because of the mass building that occurred a few years ago, and the creative financing many homeowners have found themselves in a hard situation, owning a home with a mortgage that is more than the homes value. Because of the slowing of the housing boom, many new home builders are selling their homes for much less than they sold them a few years ago, and with many more incentives. A good real estate agent in Temecula, knows about this new pattern in the market place and would definitely make sure that they provided all the information that would serve you the best.

Because of the new housing market in Temecula, you want to be sure that you find a real estate agent that is committed in helping you. And not committed to selling a home that’s mortgage exceeds its worth.